Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Saturday Night Fever

DJ Will Love and I taking a moment for a photo. This dude is like a brother to me...We've known each other since we were 14...Oh how time flies!!

Now this was the real trip of the night..My youngest son Mike (20) and I ended up in the same club at the same party...Whoa!!!
The night actually turned out ok after I stopped trying to babysit him and he stopped trying to protect me...LOL

What I Wore:
Shirt: NYC
Skinny Jeans: Pac Sun (old)
Shoes: Guess
Wristlet: Coach
Jewelry: Random

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  1. Bahahahaha....that was too funny!!! Girl I told Tiera today that I wanted another Tatt and she told me to wait til she can go get her one too and then we could go together!! UHHHH, NOT!!! I will NOT be at the tattoo parlor with my kid! LOL!! But a party is different! But Aye...you look damn good, he should proud to say "that's my mom"! :)

  2. Girl that Tier a is something else....lol

    I guess reality set in shit he will be 21 next April....ugh so not ready

  3. Awww look at you and Mikey hanging out LOL